Metrics and Risk Reporting: How Good Are You?

Image_Metrics and RiskWe’ve been hearing from quite a few certified professionals about challenges surrounding reporting – specifically risk reporting to management. How much do you tell them? What? And, mostly, how do you make that reporting meaningful? Often metrics and reporting are based on counting of things (i.e number of plans completed and/or tested, number of outages, etc. ), rather than characterizing those risks (explaining what those numbers mean). Are we providing a clear picture to upper management of what risk exposure really is and what the “metrics” we report could mean to our organizations in terms of impacts?


With that in mind, please take a minute to answer this week’s one-question survey on metrics and reporting. We’ll report the results in next week’s issue, where you’ll also be invited to join social media-based discussions on both the topic and the findings. Click here for the survey!


If you’d like to suggest a survey question for an upcoming issue, contact DRI Director of Communications Buffy Rojas at


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