Clyde’s Corner: BCP’s Got the Beat – Toning Up And Tuning In!

Although you’ll be attending DRI2012 to build BCP muscle by participating in great sessions and terrific workshops provided by stars in our industry, don’t miss the chance to tone up and tune in! A great workout (professional or physical) always has a motivating soundtrack, and the music of New Orleans is sure to put a little pep in your step. Whether it’s the bold sound of a traditional brass band or the up-beat , high energy sound of zydeco, if you are a lover of music you will quickly see (and hear!) that New Orleans has it all.

Walk just a few blocks on Bourbon Street and you’ll hear a little bit of everything — Dixieland, rock, swing, jazz, zydeco, funk, hip hop, Cajun and blues. And then hit up the cool little clubs on Frenchman Street, where famous musician are known to wander in and sit in with the band. And there’s always the House of Blues, where internationally known famous acts play in a small venue.

Here’s a short list for you to consider:

The Palm Court Jazz Café on Decatur for traditional jazz

Pat O’Brien’s Piano Lounge on Bourbon Street, for recent hits & oldies

Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street for real New Orleans Jazz in an authentic setting

The Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street for blues with a suggestive flair sung by 550 pound Big Al Carson

Howl at the Moon on Bourbon for dueling pianos

Tipitina’s for a great music and atmosphere with a view of the big river

Cat’s Meow if karaoke is your thing

My favorite places are really on Frenchman Street (a short walk or faster taxi ride from the quarter). There’s no neon, no glitz, and in most places no cover charge. Try Apple Barrel, Snug Harbor,  Blue Nile, or the Spotted Cat to name just a few.  And by the way the food venues on Frenchman are also outstanding – try Adolfo’s(Creole Italian), where some of the famous musicians like to eat.

The music scene is vibrant and plentiful in this amazing city. If you are interested in a quiet night of music (even opera) or a night of rock or reggae … this city has it all. Take a peek here for more detail:

So get ready to learn BCP best practices and new ideas from the best in our field, but while you are at it take some time to experience the music that thrives in a city where music is king. Jump in on a “Second Line” and let the music take you away!

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