Director’s Greeting: Issue #6


Today is Friday, but yesterday was a very special day,  indeed…Career Day in my son Tano’s third grade classroom. When he got home, he told me all about it:

Tano: “Mom, we had Career Day today! Daniel’s dad came in.”

Me: “What does Daniel’s dad do?”

Tano: “Oh, he does drugs.”

Further questioning revealed that Daniel’s dad works for a pharmaceutical company. And while I laughed long and hard at my son’s description of Daniel’s dad’s career, it got me to wondering how well people understand what business continuity is and what all of you do for a living. So, I explained it to Tano in simple terms and then asked him to tell his sister what “business continuity people” do. His reply: “They worry about stuff that usually doesn’t happen.”

Back to the drawing board for me on that one! And I hope (actually, I’m sure) that you’re doing a better job of explaining business continuity to people in your organizations than I did with Tano. In fact, if you’ve got a canned description of what BCP is that works for you, please share it with me. I’d love to compare notes.

Enjoy this week’s issue of Drive!

Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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