Director’s Greeting: Issue #7


Happy Friday! It’s Drive time again, and today I’m sending special thanks to all of you who wrote in to share your explanations of business continuity with me…and my 10-year-old son (Remember him? The one who defined business continuity professionals as people who “worry about stuff that usually doesn’t happen”).   Well, not only did you share your explanations but also your family members’ interpretations, which hilariously included “Paid Pessimist,” “Scam Artist,” “Gloom and Doom Manager.”

Anyway, I figured I’d let you know that after career day (which actually took place over the course of a whole week), my son, Tano, has not altered his career goals, which are to be the next Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter “who is cool because he got to catch lots of crocs and help animals, but I won’t die from it!”) or a garbage man (“they get to ride around on trucks all day not go to an office and sometimes people throw away really good stuff!”).

So, it seems business continuity is not in the cards for Tano. But it’s one of the cards you’ve been dealt. And we at DRI International are here to support you in turning your hand into a winning one.

Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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