Enterprise Risk Management: This Week’s Survey and a New DRI2012 Session


Enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity (BC) – two acronyms that together can spell success and security for your organization. In this week’s one-question survey, we explore the relationship between the two disciplines. Click here to take the survey.  

And click here to register for DRI2012, where you can learn more about BC and ERM at this just-added session:  

Enterprise Risk Management and BCP 

Organizations that have not evolved out of a silo-based approach to operation often do not see the benefits of enterprise risk management (ERM) or how business continuity functions relate to risk management in general. Although it has been and continues to be debated whether business continuity is a subset of risk management or a separate discipline altogether, it is important to make sure that these functions are communicating. This presentation will provide you with the skills needed to ensure the roles are communicating within an enterprises risk management framework and show areas where risk management and business continuity should be working together.

The session will be presented by Randy F. Jouben, who is the Director, Risk Management at Five Guys Enterprises, LLC headquartered in Lorton, VA. Randy has a diverse risk management background, with more than 25 years of experience. He is also on the local Chapter Board of Directors of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), and he serves as Chairman of the Professional Development Committee for DRI International.

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