Director’s Greeting: Issue #10


Today’s Drive is mostly about beginnings and endings. Ending today is online voting for the DRI International Awards of Excellence. And Monday is your first chance to bid in the DRI International Foundation Silent Auction (there’s lots of really cool stuff to bid on!). Find articles about both of these exciting opportunities in the blue bar on the left. And speaking of deadlines, did you know that DRI2012 (our new conference) is just about a month away! So register for that soon too and join us in New Orleans to learn a lot and live a little!


This issue also marks the end of last week’s survey (on plan testing) and the beginning of a new one on planning in multinational corporations. Interesting stuff. And just wait until you see the full-length feature article on all of our survey results so far. That piece will appear in Thrive! (our quarterly online magazine), which you’ll receive later this month.


Oh, and there’s lots more in today’s Drive too. Elmo makes an appearance. We get artsy with some photography tips. We’ll let you know the results of the survey we did a few weeks ago – the one that asked where you’d most like us to have DRI2013. And we’d like your take on KFC’s crisis marketing.


So, you read on, I’ll write on, and we’ll meet again next Friday!


Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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