KFC KO’ed by Facebook Tsunami Post


If you haven’t heard, there was an 8.6 magnitude earthquake and subsquent tsunami scare in Thailand on Wednesday. It touched a nerve, bringing back memories of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed some 230,000 people. Serious, stressful stuff.


And KFC Thailand miscalculated big time by posting a message on its Facebook page urging people who were rushing home during the scare to stop in for a bucket of KFC chicken. According to the Associated Press, “As people were being urged to evacuate from beaches, the company posted this message: ‘Let’s hurry home and follow the earthquake news. And don’t forget to order your favorite KFC menu.'” Not a sensitive response to a very sensitive incident.

The result: hundreds of angry commenters on Thai web boards denouncing the company as “insensitive and selfish,” according to AP reports, and tons of bad press, including a snarky spin from Stephen Colbert.


Yesterday, the take-out message was replaced with a timely apology. So, Drive readers, what are your thoughts? Cleary, this was no continuity professional using potential tragedy to sell chicken, but what of the risks of social media and how to mitigate and manage them? What did you think of KFC’s blunder, their reaction, and how do you feel about using tragedy (or fear) as a sales pitch? Join our discussion on LinkedIn by clicking here, or shoot me an email to let me know.

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