Director’s Greeting: Issue #11


Last week, I messed up! There was a time crunch over here, lots of moving parts…and I didn’t have a chance to do a final proofreading of Drive. I thought all was well, hit send, and a few minutes later, the emails started arriving pointing out that I had made a mistake. There was a typo in Drive!


Well, I try to avoid typos, really, I do. But they happen. In fact, I bet you there’s one in the first couple of pages of any major newspaper any day of the week (and I’m not a gambler). But still, it stinks when I’m the one who is responsible, and I was (and I probably will be again, it’s just the nature of the beast).


What did I do? I wrote about the autographed hickey pucks in our charity auction, rather than the autographed hockey pucks. Oops! But if you know me, you know I’m one to always look on the bright side, and here it is: at least I misspelled hockey and not pucks!


So, here’s hoping that there are no typos in this week’s edition (or that if there are, they’re funny ones). And in recognition of the fact that we ALL make mistakes, here’s a useful article on how to handle your own work screw up, should that ever happen.


In this week’s Drive? A free pass to DRI2012 for unemployed DRI certified professionals, last week’s survey results, a new survey on smartphones and BC apps, baseball trash talk, disaster poetry, and more!


Read on. I’ll write on, and I’ll tri two bee mohr karefull thiss thyme!


Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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