Director’s Greeting: Issue #13


This week’s Drive? You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! It’ll be better than “Cats”! Well, maybe not quite. But I can guarantee at least a chuckle or two (check out Dilbert and Survivalist Singles). And I don’t think it’s possible not to get at least a little misty-eyed when you read this week’s Clyde’s Corner, a moving tale of two cities (New York and New Orleans) and an intensely personal look at how they supported each other through two of our most trying times (9-11 and Katrina). I’ll admit it; I cried. And I’m not the weepy type, but it’s as moving a story as you’ll ever read, so read on.


As for the rest, we’ve got social media survey results, a question about the new ANSI standard, last chance DRI2012 registration discounts, and you’re invited to a free webinar on May 10! And keep those emails and phone calls coming. Your feedback is what drives Drive and I truly appreciate your guidance and direction. Confession – I failed map skills in the fourth grade (That’s because I spent my time flirting with my partner, Sean Workowski , who was far more interesting and way cuter than flat, boring representations of the real world). Anyway, I’m still baffled by maps, but the result is that I know when I need to ask for help to get where I’m going. And I need your help to make sure Drive keeps heading in the right direction. So, send me your feedback, funnies, questions, and concerns and we’ll get there together.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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