Chicago: Uh Oh! Ready for NATO?

Protest As world leaders gather for the NATO summit in Chicago this weekend, they will be welcomed by thousands of protesters. And while the complaints are aimed at the politicians, the disruption may be felt by the business sector. Protesters already have taken to the streets over a number of causes in the week leading up to the summit.


“Chicago has assigned 3,100 officers to NATO’s two-day summit to guard against the kind of violence that broke out in the streets of Seattle at the World Trade Organization meeting in 1999. They will be assisted by hundreds of officers from other cities such as Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C.,” reported, and the city has warned of massive travel disruptions.


A Chicago Sun Times report delves into the business issues and is well worth a read. The paper reports that “With the U.S. Secret Service closing parts of three major expressways and countless local streets and Metra severely restricting what passengers can carry onto trains, scores of businesses are allowing their employees to work from home on Friday, Monday or both. That includes Boeing Corp., target of, what could be a massive Monday protest. And retailers, banks, residential and office buildings are either installing bulletproof glass, boarding up their windows or having plywood delivered to their locations just in case there’s trouble.”


Is your organization headquartered in Chicago? Do you have offices or facilities there? We’d like to know how you planned (and how your plans worked). Email and we’ll share your strategies and stories but we’ll keep your identities confidential.

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