Director’s Greeting: Issue #18


What a week! First, my teenage daughter tells me about an impending zombie apocalypse (“No, Mom, like it’s for real!”), and I had to investigate that so I could keep all of you up to speed on the next big threat. Story below.


And then, my neighborhood was “overrun” by “ferocious feral cats,” and the neighborhood know-it-alls deemed this to be dangerous and unacceptable. I investigated that story too, and now I’ve got two kittens (Any takers?). See our Facebook page for pictures of these menaces, and beware both have killer purrs! Momma cat is off getting spayed, and the people with the randy daddy cat have been given my vet’s name and number. Consider that threat neutralized.


So, TGIF! And may my weekend and yours be both delightful and danger-free!


Buffy Rojas

DRI International Director of Communications

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