Director’s Greeting: Issue #21



I thought I was robbed! What, besides burglars, could have made the massive mess that greeted me upon opening the door? (Aside: if I’d stopped and thought for even a second, I’d have eliminated burglars, as I have no real valuables but do have two large dogs. Also, the place looked tossed, like in a cop show when the bad guys looking for the computer chip pretty much wreck the joint. And I’m sure I have nothing worthy of that kind of search.) But there it was – a disaster! Furniture overturned, papers strewn, baskets upended. Yikes!


I called for the dogs. Juan Luis, a massive red standard poodle (minus the silly poodle hairdo) slunk into view looking ashamed and distraught. But no Molly. (Another aside: Molly is my DRI dog. A shelter dog who was in the foster care of the DRI’s own Melissa Smith, who had Molly driven from Michigan to her new home here in Pennsylvania.) Molly is a bit of a nut. Beagle, Border Collie, English Springer Spaniel. She doesn’t know whether to hunt or herd, so she does both. A frantic but good-natured black-and-white bundle of energy, Molly may be genetically pre-disposed to craziness, but she’s also smart and an excellent problem solver. And as soon as I saw her, I knew.


Molly does not like to be hot. She drinks gallons of water, sure to soak her feet in it too, and she’s fond of laying on top of the in-floor air-vents, so that only she gets the air conditioning. Well, picture the metal vent. Now picture Molly wearing it. Yes, dangling from the silver nametag on her pink collar was an entire air vent assembly that had been ripped from the floor. No doubt, Molly had ransacked the house trying to free herself of the “necklace,” as my son called it. Well, I thought of Molly’s mishap as I read the replies to last week’s survey question: “What is most likely to trip up your plans.” One respondent wrote: “the one thing I haven’t thought of.” Good answer. And probably true too. May your plans stand up to the unknown better than my house did to Molly’s quest for cool.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International Director of Communications

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