Director’s Greeting: Issue#22



It’s a big day in Phoenixville, PA (which is a couple miles from where I live). It’s Friday the 13th and Blobfest all in one! Sadly, this year I won’t be participating in the “running out” – during which hundreds of local lunatics run screaming from the historic Colonial Theater (where the scene from “The Blob” was originally filmed) in a totally fun re-enactment of the famous movie scene.


Initially, I thought, “Bum luck!” because the running out is super fun and kind of even work-related, as it is an evacuation drill of sorts. But I can’t run, which is a bummer. So, I had a little pity party (for about a minute) before I snapped out of it and thought that this Friday the 13th is a pretty lucky day for me. I can’t run, but I can walk. And after having spent months in a wheelchair, I’ll never take walking for granted again. I’m not thrilled about clomping around with a cane, but perhaps it’s time to paint it some really funky colors and turn it into an accessory!


What I’m getting at is this: A lot of us have had a pretty cruddy year (or two or three). With the economy tanking, jobs were lost, funding cut, staffs reduced. And I get it. Really. I got divorced, got laid off, got sick, and my dog died. I lost a lot. But I found even more – strength I didn’t know I had, a great new job here at DRI International, a new appreciation for the seemingly mundane, and even an awesome new dog (more on her below).


So, if you’re feeling low and stressed and under-appreciated and under-funded this Friday the 13th, snap out of it! Rent “The Blob” and laugh at fear. And remember to look on the bright side. There always is one. I’m living proof. And if it’s a career conundrum that’s got you down, shoot me an email or give me a call and maybe someone here at DRI International will be able help. We know a thing or two. And we’re here for you.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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