DRI Day A Success in Brazil!!

 It’s DRI International, right? Well, we live up to our name and as a result there are DRI-related events all over the world all the time. Just last week, it was DRI day in Brazil, where we worked with the folks from DARYUS to co-host a two-day event (one day devoted to GRC and the other to BCP and DRI).


In fact, that’s Jeferson D’Addario, of DARYUS, pictured here. Jeferson was one of the speakers at the event, along with Roberto Zegarra, DRI Interntional’s lead instructor in the region, DRI President Al Berman, and many others, including an impressive panel of continuityprofessionals from Brazil’s largest banks.


According to Chloe Demrovsky, DRI’s Director of Global Operations, the conference “was very well attended, and speakers were really great. One of the things that I liked is that they drew from related disciplines [auditors, lawyers, etc.] who deal with risk issues and could go into depth and detail during the discussions.”


Stay tuned for more information in next week’s Drive about events in Mexico and Malaysia this fall.

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