Meet DRI International’s New Mascot: Molly the Disaster Dog!

Last week I wrote about my crazy dog, Molly, rampaging through the house with an air conditioning vent attached to her collar. Well, I guess there are a lot of dog lovers out there in DRI land because I got about a gazillion requests for a picture of Miss Molly. Here she is, standing above the vent that “attacked” her.


I’m glad you all liked my Molly story, and I thought I should put that furry scoundrel to work. So, I’m (un)officially appointing Molly DRI International’s mascot. This week she brings to you two articles. The first is a piece from the New York Times called“Fukushima vs. Chernobyl: How Have Animals Fared?” The second is a really cool article about animals as disaster detectors. Maybe it’s time to bring a snake on staff!

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