Director’s Greeting: Issue #24



In our house, vanilla is not a flavor. Vanilla is simply, and sadly, the absence of chocolate. So, on Monday when we went to Dairy Queen in search of cool and delicious dessert delights, we were thinking chocolate. My son wanted an Oreo milkshake with chocolate ice cream (hold the whipped cream, but don’t forget the cherry). My daughter and I favor Blizzards – hers chocolate with Snickers, mine chocolate with Heath. Imagine our surprise (and horror!) when we were told, “Sorry, but we don’t have chocolate. Our machine is down.” What???!!!! Dairy Queen unable to soft serve half of its flavors (and the only one that counts)! Home we went, as vanilla simply will not do.


We went back again last night. And hold onto your hats, business continuity professionals, the chocolate machine was still down!!!! Have they not heard of RTOs? Where’s the plan? And most importantly, where’s the chocolate ice cream???!!! Well, chocolate ice cream was procured at the local Giant supermarket. Ben and Jerry came through, with the spectacular bonus of a new flavor called Chocolate Therapy (fellow chocoholics, check it out!). And it’s a good thing I had cash on me because when I went to swipe my card, guess what? The machine was down! Really?


So, this morning as I sat on my deck, enjoying the relative cool, I was hoping these outages were not a trend. Hoping that when I go to get gas at the only full-serve station in town, that it’s still functioning (I’m from New Jersey; I do not pump gas). And as I cast my eyes skyward to say a little gas pump prayer, I caught my breath as I caught site of Limerick Nuclear Power Plant (my son thinks it’s a cloud factory). Okay, DQ, Giant, even Sunoco, I’ll give you a break and bear with a few bumps in the road every now and then. But that cloud factory, well, that’s a different story.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International Director of Communications

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