Director’s Greeting: Issue #25



I don’t own a suit or heels. I favor hippie skirts and Birkenstocks. I also have a teenage daughter, Tierney. She is far more fashion conscious (and intelligent) than I. She aspires to have a Shoe Dazzle account and to be president. In fact, when she was about five years old, she asked me for a book about U.S. presidents. I got her one. She devoured it and then asked me for “the other one.” I replied, “There is no other one. Those are all of the presidents.” Astonished at my ignorance, I got a massive eye roll, and then this: “No, mom, I mean the book of lady presidents.” Well, I explained that there hasn’t yet been a “lady president,” which garnered another massive eye roll and “Fine! Then, I’ll do it!” She’s been on a mission ever since.


With a lock on the presidency, Tierney’s been spending more and more time lately shopping and trading clothes with her friends and being altogether too pretty for her own good…or mine. But last Friday, in an attempt to connect, I thought I’d show her my latest fashion acquisition, a killer, tie-dye hippie skirt for $10! I unveiled my purchase, got the all-too-familiar eye roll, and was asked, “Where did you get THAT?!” I proudly informed her that it came from the clearance rack at Marshall’s. That’s when I got her idea of feedback and constructive criticism: “Mom, okay, really, the reason why things are on the clearance rack is usually because they are hideous and should not be worn by anyone, ever.”


So much for subtlety and diplomacy. She’ll have to work on that…or not. Perhaps it’s time for a no-holds-barred “lady” president. But I admit I was stinging a bit when I turned to my email and found far kinder feedback from many of you. For months now, I’ve been meaning to thank those of you who have taken the time to write or call me (I do try to respond to each and every call and email, but I fear that sometimes I might miss a few). You say nice things about Drive and tell me that you enjoy it and find it useful, and you give me wonderful suggestions (there are TWO of those in this issue) for articles. I appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism; so please keep it coming! You’re far more diplomatic than my daughter.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International Director of Communications

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