Let’s Get Ready: A Pretty Cool Preparedness Pop Music Video


Jessie, a self-proclaimed “avid reader,” says she uses weekly tidbits found in Drive to “engage conversations about business continuity and disaster recovery.  This is important,” she says “because, I can do this without the ‘doom and gloom’ that is usually associated with newsletters and articles.  This newsletter is also helping me to achieve my goals in education and awareness for the organization!” Well, thanks Jessie!  That’s exactly what I was hoping to do!


Jessie didn’t just heap praise on Drive, she contributed to it as well.  Check out the video above and share it. Here’s the back story: The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Get Ready team recently released its spoof of Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe,” all in the name of emergency preparedness.  Here are a couple of their clever verses:


We’ll have water for all,
Cans of food in the hall
phone numbers on the wall,
so we know who to call
We’ll meet up on the hill
Practice our escape drill
We’ll make a plan, get a kit,

And we’ll be on our way

Cute!  The music video stars 10 talented APHA staff members.  Perhaps, you and your team will be inspired to shoot a music video, and we can add a category to the annual DRI International Awards of Excellence!

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