CEAPs, Anyone?


If you’re behind on your CEAPs (Continuing Education Activity Points) or just need a boost to get you started, we want to help you keep your certification in good standing!

There are a number of activities for you to earn CEAPs, such as writing for Thrive! (DRI’s magazine), having an affiliation with an organization, attending a conference, participating in regular meetings related to DR/BC, etc. Webinars related to DR/BC on the web are also a great and easy way to earn points! Not to mention, we also hosted our own webinar earlier this year titled: “The State of Healthcare and BCM and a New Certification.” Watch and listen now to earn one CEAP!


Check out our Guidelines for CEAPs for more ideas and to know in which category they should be logged. To submit your points, log into your MyDRI profile and click the “Submit CEAP” button on your dashboard.


If you have any questions or need help submitting your points, contact us at info@drii.org or (866) 542-3744.

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