Director’s Greeting: Issue #27



“No useful moves detected.”


I’m not much of a game player. I prefer happy birds (although my African Grey, Robirda Johnson does sing the blues). But last night, I couldn’t sleep and decided to bore myself with a little cell phone solitaire. And after flipping the cards, that’s the message that flashed on the screen: “No useful moves detected.”


It’s a fitting sentiment. I know I usually share a funny story here, but today I just don’t have it in me. I lost a friend earlier this week. After a long fight and playing the heck out of the hand he was dealt, Danny died. He was on the transplant list for more than a year, waiting for the life-saving call that just never came. Real life is not like TV medical dramas where doctors who look like models save the day just in the nick of time thanks to a well-timed and well-scripted turn of fate.


I watched as Danny’s doctors, and his wife of 20 years, came up with plan after plan. They tried everything. Unfortunately, their ultimate plan was dependent on a very iffy supply chain. And that’s why I’m telling you his story. You can help. If it’s in conflict with your beliefs, I understand and respect that completely. But for those of you who are on the fence or maybe just didn’t check the organ donor box on your driver’s license, please consider it.


Buffy Rojas

DRI International Director of Communications

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