Do as You’re Told! Bossy Boxes and Following Directions

A few weeks back, my boss, Al Berman, sent me a package. My son, Tano, found it at the doorstep and brought it to me, saying, “Mom, someone sent you a really bossy box.” On the box in black marker, were the words, “Do Not Open Until Told.” I work from home, and the contents of the box had to do with a team meeting that was to take place later in the week. I told Al what my son said and we had a good laugh. Al said, “Better a bossy box than a boxy boss.” Well, yesterday another box from Al arrived. This time it said, “Spin Around Three Times Before Opening.” My son dutifully brought it inside, told me I’d received another “bossy box,” and spun.


That boy can follow directions! Can you? Can your staff? Can the people who you are entrusting to enact your plans? Sure, people have to be able to think on their feet, and I’m not minimizing the importance of improvisation when needed, but the programs you build are all based on a lot of plans…and instructions. So, here’s a little test that you can take to see how you do at doing what you’re told. Might be a fun to adapt as a team exercise or awareness building tool too!

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