Lessons Learned from the Military… Oh, and Dance Moves Too!

There’s much to be learned from our military – how they prepare, plan, and respond to crises.  And I thought about that when I got a note from a Drive reader about the video I’m sharing here (check it out!).  A few weeks back, I’d run a “Call Me Maybe” parody done by The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Get Ready team promoting preparedness.  This reader suggested I check out what the Army could do with the song.  So, I did!  But I also did some digging and came up with a couple of useful and informative links that I think you might enjoy on an entirely different level.  Here they are:


An Evaluation of US Combat Command Disaster Relief Capabilities



And on a personal note, I’m looking forward to the Air Force version of this pop ditty.  My little brother, Tommy, just joined their ranks and the kid can play a mean guitar.  He also hasn’t technically been my “little” brother since he was in sixth grade and I last saw the top of his head!

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