Apocalypse How? Singaporeans Expect Catastrophe!

Global catastrophe within the next two decades is expected by two-thirds of Singaporeans, a recent survey shows.  The survey was reported on by Singapore’sThe New Paper (click here for the full article).


An online survey by IdStats Research & Consultancy for National Geographic Channel reveals that out of the 522 Singaporeans polled, nearly two-thirds believed that a the next 20 years will see a global catastrophe and that it will be caused by a financial meltdown or an epidemic.


However, more than six in 10 Americans believed that either a significant earthquake or hurricane would be responsible for a global catastrophe.


The New Paper quotes Sociologist Tan Ern Ser saying his view is that Singaporeans “do not have in mind the end of the world, but rather a serious catastrophe.”  He also said a possible reason behind Singaporeans actually believing that such a catastrophe would happen, despite the numerous false predictions in the past, is the fact that Singapore is vulnerable to, and has experienced, economic shocks and pandemics in the past.


As for me, I suspect that if the world comes to a screeching halt, it’ll be because this recent ABC News report proves true:  Diaper Shortage Possible After Plant Explosion.  As Robirda would say (in my voice), “Oh, crap!”

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