Zombies Perform CPR, It’s a Sign!

Here’s some more zombie news you can use!  Last week I told you about an awesome Red Cross app that (among other cool and informative  things) provides video instruction for first aid emergencies.  Well, that video is nothing like this!


A PSA, called “The Undeading,” from Canada’s Heart & Stroke Foundation has got to be the strangest training video ever made.  In the video, zombies perform CPR on a heart attack victim (I’ll give you one guess as to what caused the heart attack in the first place!).


The spot is creepy and icky, but I have to admit, it’s also instructive.  In the clip, a woman is chased through city streets during a zombie apocalypse. A mob of the undead surrounds her, and terrified she has a heart attack. Weird, right?  But then it gets even weirder.  One of the zombies, I guess he used to be a doctor, leads an effort to revive the woman (because I guess only live brains are worth eating?).


I say it’s the perfect awareness campaign for the Halloween season,

particularly when paired with chocolate.

More zombie news this week.  This time, zombie hackers!  The Portland Press Herald reports that an electronic road sign message board in Portland, ME, was hacked. The sign, which was supposed to warn of traffic delays and roadwork, instead bore this message: “Warning, Zombies Ahead!”


And it seems to be a growing threat.  The Herald reports that “Austin, Texas, had a similar warning in 2009, and since then it’s appeared on signs in Washington, Illinois and New York.”  Herald reporter David Hench had some fun with this one.  He writes:


“Naturally, city officials warned against the perils of unbridled goofiness and the need for people to realize that safety signs are there for a reason, warning motorists of real dangers.


‘They’re not a toy,’ a very serious city spokeswoman, Nicole Clegg, said Wednesday when asked about the incident.


In other words, “it’s all fun and games until someone’s eye falls out.”

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