Director’s Greeting: Issue #36



I have been Laura Ingalls, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…and Axl Rose. I have been a leopard, a lion, and a bear (Welcome to the Jungle, indeed). My daughter is usually a pretty princess or an ephemeral fairy. My son is invariably one of his idols: Steve Irwin (in the requisite khaki ensemble festooned with rubber snakes and such, Crikey!), Clay Matthews, or Matt Kemp (these last two a tough sell in our Philly suburb where people would just as soon trash talk as trick-or-treat).

And with Halloween just around the corner and about to ring my doorbell (repeatedly), I’ve been thinking about who or what I want to be this year.   I haven’t come up with a costume, but I do have an answer. I want to be more patient. Patience is not a virtue that I come by naturally. I am not Queen Serene. I’m also no Veruca Salt. (Although I could be either for Halloween!). But a bit more patience will serve me well, both professionally and personally. So, I’m going to try it on for size.

What about you? What do you want to be? I think there’s a reason it’s called “dress up” not “dress down” (which, to me, means jeans on Fridays). We dress UP to our aspirations, our hopes, our secret dreams.  We dress up to be those who (or that which) we most admire. I admired Laura’s pluck, Dorothy’s bravery (and her sparkly red Maryjanes), and Axl…well, who doesn’t want to be a rock star?

Sure, Halloween is a lot of fun and a chance to pretend (and eat a lot of candy!). But it’s also as good a time as any to reinvent yourself, to take a self-inventory and see what you like and want to keep and what might warrant some tweaking. Just like business continuity is a continuous process not a one-off project, so are we all. Within every business continuity program, there’s room for growth and improvement. The same is true of every business continuity planner.

So, what do you want to be?   Ask the question of yourself — and of your staff. And then figure out how to get there. Try it on. Try it out.   And then reward the effort. I suggest a Milky Way.

Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

p.s. Finally! The second issue of Thrive!, our eletronic magazine, is available online, click here.  Sorry for the long wait.  This one was distributed at DRI2012, but is just now available online.  The next new issue is due out shortly!

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