Success Stories and Lessons Learned?

Reports of failed generators and business continuity plans gone awry are all over the mainstream media.  And since most reporters do not have a deep understanding (or any even a basic grasp) of all things business continuity, crisis response, and disaster recovery, it all winds up sounding sort of accusatory, and in the early days of a crisis news, coverage sticks pretty much to the surface.

In the weeks and months following Hurricane Sandy, mainstream media will focus on what it deems high-profile failures.  But what about the successes?  Good BCP news is rarely reported and the “bad” is conveyed with an eye toward assigning blame, rather than a focus on lessons learned.  That is not what DRI International is all about.  We hope to collect and convey what was learned from Hurricane Sandy, and to do that we need your help.  Do you have a success story to share or a new bit of wisdom?  If so, please contact me at (610) 792-4802 or


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