Cooperation, Kindness the Norm? People Are Good at Heart!!

11 9 Drive TAKEI Pic

Researchers and post-Sandy people watchers are coming to the same conclusion: people tend toward cooperation and kindness. A photo posted on Facebook by George Takei substantiates the claim. The photo shows power cords draped over a fence with the message: “We have power. Please feel free to charge your phone!”

“Although the cold logic of self-interest is seductive, our first impulse is to cooperate,” Harvard researchers concluded (read the article here). And be sure to check out this fascinating Slate article about altruism and cooperation exhibited by Sandy survivors, which states:

“Researchers in disaster science have again and again debunked the idea that catastrophe causes social breakdown and releases the ugliest parts of human nature. Research from the past several decades demonstrates, as one report put it, ‘that panic is not a problem in disasters; that rather than helplessly awaiting outside aid, members of the public behave proactively and prosocially to assist one another; that community residents themselves perform many critical disaster tasks, such as searching for and rescuing victims; and that both social cohesiveness and informal mechanisms of social control increase during disasters, resulting in a lower incidence of deviant behavior.’ People become their best selves when crisis strikes.”

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