Director’s Greeting: Issue #39


The mullet is where I draw the line.  Business in the front, party in the back is not a look that I can pull off.  But I did pull off the iPhone rice rescue, a MacGyver-ish trick if ever there was one.  When I told you about dumping my phone in a cup of tea during last week’s storm, I didn’t anticipate the questions generated by my ill-timed accident. But ask you did, and here are the answers:
Yes, it worked!  My iPhone (it’s a 4 if that makes a difference) is alive and well.  It spent 36 hours in a bag of rice. And here are the exact instructions that I followed.  The article also says you can use silica gel (the stuff in those little packets that are stashed in shoe boxes), but even though I am a Zappos VIP, I don’t know anyone who has that much silica gel lying around!

You also wanted to know if I had any other MacGyver tricks up my sleeve.  Not really, but I did a little digging and am happy to report that I now know how to make a candle out of common household ingredients. Seriously, I made a candle out of an orange!  The kids thought it was great fun, and other than a shot of citrus to the eye (I have bad luck with lemon wedges too, shot my date in the eye with one a few weeks back), the process was painless, delicious, and fun. Here’s how!  The site also shows you how to unfreeze a lock, which could come in handy.
What about you?  Have any MacGyver tricks you’d like to share?

Buffy Rojas

DRI International

Director of Communications

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