The Walking Dead Escape: Take Your Team to the Ultimate Exercise!

The Walking Dead Escape Tour Comic-Con 2012Climb, crawl, hide, and slide your way through a mile-long zombie apocalypse simulation.  Fans of “The Walking Dead” may have an advantage when it comes to avoiding the undead, but who wouldn’t want to hone BCP skills while having some fun at The Walking Dead Escape?

Official events are scheduled in Philadelphia (March 3) and San Diego (July 19 and 20).  There are three ways to participate:

Survivor: Navigate through zombie-infected Evacuation Zone.
Walker: Embrace the inevitable and become one of the undead.
Spectator: Watch the apocalypse from the sidelines at the Escape Party.

It takes 35 to 45 minutes to complete the course, but The Walking Dead Escape is not a race. No one is timed, and you are not required to run (but the slow usually die for a reason).  Participants should be prepared to climb, crawl, and slide. Depending on the encountered Walker, you may need to move briskly or lightly jog in an effort to avoid infection. The course has been specifically designed for participants with a wide range of abilities. Each obstacle is created to include an “easier route” for participants with limited physical abilities.

And for those of you who aren’t near an official event, why not create your own?

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