10 Years After Columbia, NASA Builds on Lessons Learned

2-1 Drive SHUTTLE Pic
The Columbia space shuttle accident was 10 years ago today. And this interesting piece from Fox News does more than recount the tragedy, it pinpoints the ways in which NASA learned from the incident and incorporated those lessons into a new space craft and changed culture.After the incident, an independent team of investigators identified “a number of factors, from the safety culture at NASA to the design of the shuttle, that led to the disaster,” according to the report. “All of the lessons the agency learned were incorporated into every subsequent flight NASA flew, and are now being used to inform the design of its next-generation spaceship, Orion. That vehicle is slated to carry people to asteroids, the moon and Mars sometime in the mid-2020s.”

What a great case study in continuity, preparedness, and mitigation.  Read the article here, and pass it along.

“The reaction has been very positive around all of NASA in terms of giving us the capacity to make these safety improvements,” Dustin Gohmert, NASA crew survival engineering team lead, at Johnson Space Center in Houston, told Fox News. “Previously, it was difficult to implement some of the safety features as we’d hoped. Now it really is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.”

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