Director’s Greeting: Issue #53


Roses. Chocolates. Diamond-encrusted heart-shaped necklaces.  Legions of teenage girls gifted pink stuffed animals.  That’s the stuff of Valentine’s Day. And amid the news stories of sweet proposals and Facebook posts of undying love, there was one that brought together what you do and who we all are.CBS News covered “Love That Has Weathered the Storm,” an event during which couples who lost it all – including precious heirlooms and photos- in Superstorm Sandy made new memories by renewing their wedding vows. The ceremony took place yesterday at the Bridgeview Yacht Club in Island Park, which was under seven feet of water during Sandy and is now “a symbol of recovery” for the community.

One couple, Edward and Ruth Samuelson, made me laugh and cry.  Their home was inundated by the storm, and it isn’t the first time they’ve been struck by disaster. “Twenty years ago, we lost our house to a fire. So we had fire, flood and now we’re just waiting for locusts,” Ruth told CBS’ Marla Diamond. And after 45 years of marriage, Ruth said their bond is “stronger than ever.”

May our hearts and our organizations be as true and enduring as the Samuelson’s love.

Buffy Rojas
DRI International Director of Communications

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