Director’s Greeting: Issue #54


The Avian Flu Hits Pawnee - Parks and Recreation Highlight
The Avian Flu Hits Pawnee – Parks and Recreation Highlight

Rob Lowe dead?!  Avian flu?  You’ve got to be kidding!  Well, yeah, I am.  Or at least the writers for NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation” were.  They killed off Rob during a town-wide emergency simulation in last week’s episode called “Emergency Response.”  Lowe’s character, Chris Traeger, clad in a blue emergency response team vest, gleefully hung the skull and crossbones placard around his neck after graphically describing the symptoms to which he succumbed.

The rest of the cast got in on the act too.  Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, was in charge of response and had put together the ubiquitous binders.  Her title: Emergency Czar (maybe some of you want to try that one on for size!).Watch the full episode at the show’s website to find out why they ended the exercise by intentionally killing off the entire town!  And at least be sure to check out (and share!) the minute-long clip I’ve included here.

It’s always interesting when what you do makes the news, but it’s usually interesting in a “Wow, I hope they’re okay” kind of real-life crisis way.  What’s cool is when crisis management and popular culture collide. To me, that’s a sign that “it’s in there,” that the basic understanding of your career and why you do it isn’t such a mystery anymore.

Buffy Rojas
DRI International Director of Communications

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