Calling All MBCPs!

Hear ye, hear ye!  And now that we’ve got your ear, here’s the message:  You’ve got to be at DRI2013!  And here’s why…We’ve got a major academic honor, a huge discount, and a chance at a free lifetime DRI membership waiting for you!

Academic Honor
In case you haven’t already heard, you’ll be receiving a significant academic honor as a direct result of being an MBCP.  DRI International was just awarded its v5-2 HEARYE Picery own chapter of the Order of Sword and Shield Honor Society (OSSNHS), the only academic honor society in our field. This is a huge honor for DRI International, and for you, as the OSSNHS has only ever granted this status to a non-academic institution one other time in its history.  MBCPs will be inducted into the Order of the Sword & Shield at a special ceremony during DRI2013. Click here for more information on the conference or click here for more information on the OSSNHS.

30% MBCP Discount
We’re offering all MBCPs a 30 percent discount on DRI2013 registration.  That’s a huge savings in honor of the huge commitment you’ve made to DRI and your career as a continuity professional. The conference is in Philadelphia, PA June 4-7, 2013. When registering, make sure to use discount code: MASTERS.

Free Lifetime Membership
And be sure to register by Friday, May 3, 2013 (that’s tomorrow!) for your chance to win a free lifetime DRI membership. You will never again have to pay annual DRI maintenance fees.  You of course, will still have to submit your CEAPs, but kiss the maintenance costs goodbye! The lucky winner will be announced on DRI’s Facebook page May 6, so stay tuned.

Click here to REGISTER TODAY! And if you need help or have any questions, please call the customer care center at (866) 542-3744.

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