Director’s Greeting: Drive Issue #65


5-10 Drive TOP 10 PicIn my day, Casey Kasem was counting down the hits on American Top 40, advising “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”  Today, the countdown of the week’s top singles continues, but my daughter’s version is led by Ryan Seacrest. I don’t know many of the songs, and don’t think I can really tell most of them apart (although I’ll admit to loving “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers).  What I do recognize is her excitement – waiting to find out which will be number one!
We’re big on top lists. They’re everywhere – best dressed, worst dressed, music, movies, bestselling books.  So, while listening with my daughter this week and trying to tune out some of the really earsplitting stuff (one song seems to be a collections of samples from some of the worst songs of the 80s all run together), I was thinking about how you might take the AT40 (which is what it’s called now, and yes, there’s an app) and turn into the BC10.
No, I’m not suggesting that you write disaster songs and rely heavily on autotune (although that might be fun).  What I am saying is that you might consider using a familiar and fun format to toot your own horn (top ten BC saves) or help employees (top ten at-home preparedness tips) or create awareness (top ten risks).  If you do (or already have) let me know!  Maybe I’ll turn your experiences into a Top Ten Top Ten Lists for Drive!

And be sure to click here to take this week’s one-question survey.  We want to know your top business continuity topics.  We’ll use that information here in Drive and also at DRI2013 during our “BC Issues and Answers” session.  It’ll just take a minute, not 10, I promise.

Buffy Rojas

DRI International
Director of Communications
(248) 630-7371

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