Place your bids now! DRIF Auction Closes Today at Noon!

At 12:00 PM EDT TODAY, the DRI Foundation online auction closes!    Bid like there’s no tomorrow – because there isn’t. This is it! Our fundraising goal is in sight. You can help the DRI Foundation get there.

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Get people involved-refer your friends, relatives and colleagues! Make sure they receive this message while there’s enough time to get in on the bidding and help those impacted by disaster.


Some items will continue past the online auction and be present at our silent auction at DRI2013 on June 6. Don’t worry if you can’t be present, as absentee bidding will be in place for these items.


Only minutes left so shop quickly!  Have fun and do good!

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About the DRI Foundation


For many, the rebuilding after a disaster is just as significant as the immediate impact of the disaster itself. The DRI Foundation was established out of a need to address that very concern. The DRI Foundation has access to over 10,000 business continuity professionals worldwide — each certified by DRI International, a premier non-profit organization that has educated and certified thousands of people worldwide in business continuity and disaster recovery since 1988.
Our mission is to help affected organizations and communities engage efficiently and effectively with relief organizations, governmental agencies and responders worldwide in order to begin the recovery process as soon as possible, particularly where needed most. We accomplish this through volunteerism, granting and education.
Disaster Recovery International Foundation, Inc.
1115 Broadway, 12th Floor New York, NY  10010
(866) 542-3744 |
TIN #45-2727287


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