BCP TV: A Fictional Hospital Faces a Really Big Storm, What Goes Wrong? Everything!

Grey's Anatomy 9x24 Sneak Peek #1
Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek “Perfect Storm”

If you’ve never seen the popular medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, now is the time.  The season finale was last night and the storyline of the last two episodes is all about the hospital’s continuity, preparedness, and crisis management.

Am I suggesting that you can learn from a TV show about a fictional hospital staffed by beautiful and handsome fake doctors?  Uh, no.  But anyone can catch the show online, and it might make an interesting awareness building exercise.  The show serves up a lot of material – power outage, back-up generator failure, an exploding bus, critical supply shortages, and much made-up mayhem.

Suggest that people in your organization tune in and have a contest to see who can identify what they managed to do right (not much) and who can point out the most missteps.  Or make a Top Ten list of what not to do based on the show and distribute it. Could be fun, informative, and get people thinking about preparedness.


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