What’s Your MyDRI Number?

5-22 Drive Mark Riech photo

What’s your MyDRI number?  Chances are its four or five digits long.  But Mark Riech, pictured here with DRI Director of Business Development Russell Wooldridge has a three-digit MyDRI number because he has been a certified professional in good standing since 1993! Mark and Russell ran into each other in Washington, D.C. where DRI International was exhibiting at CPM East.

Russell reports that the CPM crowd was eager to talk about public sector continuity, particularly DRI’s public sector course and certification.  Russell was right there to answer any and all questions. If you have questions about becoming a Certified Public Sector Continuity Professional (CPSCP), click here or call our customer care center at (866) 542-3744.

Dan Mikulsky, a DRI MBCP and the product manager for business continuity within CSC’s expanding cybersecurity practice, also attended the conference and spoke on DRI’s behalf about certification and the public sector. Thank you Russell and Dan for everything that you do for DRI!  And thanks to Mark for stopping by to celebrate his years with DRI!

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