Director’s Greeting: Drive Issue #68

Drive Slug-Cat photo2Giant pink slugs! Cannibal snails! Snakes falling out of trees! And a “Kitten Crisis”!  All of these were in the news this week.  Thank Australia for the slugs and snailsThe snakes are scaring kids at Washington D.C. playgrounds. And the kittens, well, the kitten crisis headline was from a San Francisco paper, but I’ve got a kitten crisis too!

Her name is Lady Grey.  Her big brothers, Earl Grey and Batman, went to their new homes this morning. Lady Grey is distraught, and I thought I’d be nice and let her sit with me while I work (I also couldn’t stand the pitiful cries emanating from my bathroom/her prison).  She settled in nicely, beneath my chin, but then I guess she just couldn’t resist the lure of the blinking cursor because the next thing I knew, a miniscule cat was flinging itself at my laptop screen.  In less than a second, she’d managed to hit enough keys with her wee paws that my laptop was locked.  The arrow would not move.  I was in trouble.

Back to the throne room for Lady Grey and onto the phone for me.  Luckily, my boyfriend can fix anything and is a really nice man.  He had me back up and running in no time.  Whew!  Computer crisis over.  But in the spirit of mitigation and risk reduction, how about helping me prevent another kitten/computer crisis?  Who wants the runt of the foster litter?

My kitten crisis aside, disasters and animals are a tricky situation. A veterinarian friend of mine shared this heartbreaking article about the animals that were killed, wounded, and lost during last week’s tornado in Oklahoma and the emergency veterinary responders who did their best to help.  It made me think about my pet preparedness, and it might not hurt for all of you to make sure your employees have thought about that too (here, this might help).  Evacuating two dogs, a kitten (but she’s going home with one of you soon, right?), a lovebird, a turtle, and an African Grey who is not shy about talking back is no small task.  But I’m not leaving without them.

Buffy Rojas

DRI International
Director of Communications
(248) 630-7371

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