The UAE BCM Standard: First in the Arab World

Speaker: Dhiraj Lal, Continuity and Resilience

For a nation smaller than most U.S. states, the UAE has displayed amazing business continuity vision. Per the UAE Standard and Code of Practice for BCM, all UAE entities in all critical sectors must be capable of “delivering their services and duties to the society. This should include the capability to deal with sudden incidents by producing informed and pre-coordinated plans to be able to continue delivering their critical services and functions for the society during various incidents.” This presentation will delve into the UAE standard and also its impact on BCM in the Middle East and Arab World. Learn about what one nation has done to truly embed BCM across all sectors of the government and society and be inspired by a true success story to emulate.

To view this presentation, follow this link: The UAE BCM Standard: First in the Arab World 

About the Speaker: Dhiraj Lal has worked as Assessor/Technical Expert for NCB Al Ahli Bank (KSA), Accenture (India), First bank of Nigeria (Nigeria), RasGas (Qatar), RAK Department of Economic Development (UAE), First Bank of Nigeria (Nigeria), NCB Capital (KSA), Satyam (India) and others. He has been involved in a number of BCM implementations, including at least two implementations done largely in Arabic.

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