Recovery to Resilience: A Haiti Case Study

Speaker: Angela Devlen, Mahila Partnership

Thanks to sponsorship from the DRI International Foundation, Mahila Partnership has expanded its project in Haiti to improve post-disaster economic and health outcomes for women and girls, as well as building long-term resiliency. This presentation discusses the overarching principles of effective recovery but in the context of an active post-disaster initiative. Attendees will understand how post-disaster relief and recovery programs must promote long-term risk reduction, as well as how investments rather than aid yields both short-term and long-term sustainable results.

To view this presentation, follow this link: Recovery to Resilience: A Haiti Case Study 

Angela DevlenAbout the Speaker: Angela Devlen is the Managing Partner of Wakefield Brunswick, Inc., a healthcare management consulting firm and President and Co-founder of Mahila Partnership. She is an advisor to national and international healthcare and non-profit organizations. She is currently working in the US, Nepal, India, Costa Rica and Haiti leading health, economic development, and disaster risk reduction initiatives.


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