Stop Chasing World Events

Speaker: Jim Evans, Texas Instruments

After the Japan earthquake and Thailand flood, customers are putting more pressure on suppliers to provide responses to world events that are happening every day. End customers are monitoring their supply chain almost to a level of paranoia, and, at the end of the day, are not focusing on the right things to mitigate their supply chain risk. This session encourages BC professionals to stop chasing events and start migrating supply chain risks by using business impact analysis data to truly drive supply chain mitigation solutions.

To view this presentation, follow this link: Stop Chasing World Events

About the Speaker: Jim Evans is Texas Instrument’s Crisis Management and Business Continuity Manager. He is certified as a Business Continuity Professional with 10 years of crisis management and supply chain continuity experience. He has managed TI through many major supply events, including Iceland volcano, Japan earthquake, and Thailand flood to name a few. Over the last 10 years he has worked at all levels of crisis response from a hazmat technician to a senior executive advisor for crisis management. He built TI’s current crisis management and continuity program from the ground up and continues this journey today. He has a Masters in Industrial Safety and Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

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