Travel Risk Management

Speaker: John Proctor, CGI

Every organization has a legal responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care and achieve due diligence when sending employees abroad or even employing foreign workers; organizations that don’t are risking their employees, reputation, financial liability, and potential criminal charges under legislation. In an emergency the organization has to have prepared their travelers, their home-based staff, and their response protocols.

This presentation will cover the four pillars of a robust travel risk management program (Plan, Prepare, Prevent, Respond) as used by U.S. Federal authorities and how to integrate with your business continuity plans and health and safety policies.

To view this presentation, follow this link: Travel Risk Management

John ProctorAbout the Speaker: John Proctor is Director of Cyber Resilience for CGI. John is a recognized security expert and the issues and impact of risk management; both to the individual and the organization. He was responsible for the development of all of the federal captivity survival programs currently in use in Canada today and has helped a number of countries with their own risk management systems. John has been the lead author on a number of nationally recognized training courses ranging from dealing with violence in the workplace to how companies should prepare themselves and their employees to travel abroad.


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