Translating a Global Strategic BC Plan into a Tactical Plan for Evolving Asia

Speaker: Sallyanne Lerota, GE Capital

Managing business continuity for our network of Asian businesses often challenges the traditional norms of crisis management.  Almost daily events such as power outage or political unrest in India, rolling earthquakes in New Zealand, and nuclear threats in Japan have changed the way we view BCP in our region.  Gone are the days of a plan that is developed for an event we hope won’t happen, our approach has become increasingly “tactical” with a greater focus on the humanistic aspects of business continuity and emergency response, and practical solutions to ensure “business as usual” through regular disruption.

To view this presentation, follow this link: Translating a Global Strategic BC Plan into a Tactical Plan for Evolving Asia 

About the Speaker: It seems all through her career Sallyanne Lerota has always being involved with Business Continuity Management. Currently, she is the GE Capital Business Continuity Leader for Asia Pacific, building BC capability across the region. She began in DR as a program analyst and writing recovery steps for mainframe, participating in DR testing, and conducting and coordinating full DR site recoveries to the alternative location. From there, she moved across to business continuity and has worked with organizations to build business continuity capabilities for both regulated and non-regulated environments. Sallyanne admits that no matter how much you think you know about BCM, it’s never enough. Every event experienced teaches you something new.

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