Killer Asteroids Are on the Way, and NASA Needs…You?

This week, NASA announced a “Grand Challenge” aimed at finding all dangerous space rocks and figuring out how to stop them from destroying Earth. On Tuesday, NASA issued a “request for information” hoping to solicit ideas from industry, academia, and the public. Who better to help with finding and neutralizing (or avoiding) threats than, well, you?!

This is (kind of) what you do for a living.  So, how about it?  Are you up to the “Grand Challenge” or maybe you can borrow from NASA and issue your own BCP grand 11-30 Drive END Picchallenge as an awareness raising exercise in your organization.  Who knows? You might get some great ideas.  And, while asteroids and space rocks probably aren’t topping your list of likely threats, if NASA is asking for help to save the Earth, it’s in the best interests of your continuity plans to help them.
And if this all seems silly, think back a few months to February 15 when a meteor exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on the same day that the football-field-size asteroid 2012 DA14 passed within the moon’s orbit of Earth.
Responses to the request for information are due July 18. Click here to find out more.

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