New York Stories: Sandy Task Force Report and Alligators on the Loose!

6-21 Drive ALLIGATOR Pic3

Last week, an errant alligator was found in a Philadelphia sewer.  This week, a Nature World News reportcalls New York’s alligator problem “a growing threat”  (yikes!), and a task force issues a report on the Big Apple’s preparedness for the next Sandy-like reports that the city’s Building Resiliency Task Force (a group of more than 200 landlords, property managers, architects, attorneys, city officials, and consultants formed after last year’s Hurricane Sandy) recommends that city buildings “be required to provide drinking water in common areas and have exterior plugs for temporary generators” in an effort to make homes and businesses more resistant to major storms.

Those were among 33 recommendations made by the group.  Download the full report or a summary here.
“Another Sandy is inevitable, and New York isn’t ready,” Russell Unger, executive director of the council, said in a statement issued by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office. “But it can be. The task force recommendations are tangible and economically achievable steps.”
But what about those alligators? There have been 17 reports of alligators on Long Island in the last nine months, according to officials from New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation.”While alligators have posed a problem to the Long Island for years now, the area is witnessing a rise in cases with nearly half of those found in the region since 2003 occurring in the last year,” according to the Nature World News report.

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