DRI an Integral Part of the Largest BC Conference in Latin America




Next week, business continuity professionals from all over the world will meet in Brazil to attend GRC International + DRI Day Latin America, developed by Daryus and sponsored by DRI International, ISACA, EXIN, and The Open Group.  GRC International, which gathers experiences, experts, and executives from 500 of the largest companies in the region to provide a unique setting for business continuity professionals, will be held July 1 and 2 in Sao Paulo.

“I’m very much looking forward to this event,” said Director of Global Operations Chloe Demrovsky. “It’s exciting and inspiring to see the growth of business continuity in Latin America, as well as the passion for the topic among continuity professionals in the region. I’m sure we’ll have lots to report during and after the conference.”

For more information, please visit GRC International + DRI Day Latin America or call 55 (11) 3285-6539. Register online at www.grc-inter.com, and be sure to use the code DRI001 for special discounts!


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