GRC + DRI Day a Success in Brazil!

Last week, business continuity professionals from all over the world met in Brazil to attend GRC International + DRI Day Latin America, developed by Daryus and sponsored by DRIInternational, ISACA,EXIN, and The Open Group.  The event brought together executives from 500 of the largest companies in the region to provide a unique setting for business continuity professionals to share their experiences and expertise.

“The conference was great, despite the protests that were happening on Paulista Avenue just one block away,” says DRI Director of Global Operations Chloe Demrovsky. She described the
demonstration as “peaceful, but definitely noisy.”
According to Demrovsky, “Secretary Humberto Viana of the National Civil Defense opened the event with a talk about prevention and disaster recovery in Brazil and the day closed with a panel discussion about how public/private partnerships can be improved in Brazil when incidents occur.”  Additionally,  Jeferson D’Addario of Daryus presented Demrovsky and DRI President Al Berman with a plaque commemorating DRI’s 25th anniversary.

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