DRI Sponsors 4th Community Resilience Conference in Davos, Switzerland

DRI International is proud to announce that we will be partnering with the Global Risk Forum as a sponsor for the “4thDRI Conference on Community Resilience on Building Resiliency into Critical Infrastructures:  International Goals – National Strategies – Local Actions” in Davos, Switzerland.

DRI Director of Global Operations, Chloe Demrovsky, will also be speaking on a panel entitled “Building Private/Public Sector Partnerships.”

The conference will be held August 29-30, 2013, at the Davos Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland. The 4th Conference on Community Resilience is jointly organized by Virginia Tech and the Foundation Global Risk Forum GRF Davos endorsed by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

Increased environmental and socio-technology threats challenge a nation’s abilities to mitigate and recover from major events. As we cope with the increased frequency, magnitude, and complexity of these events, it is essential that prior planning and policies be in place that will make communities and populations more resilient to large-scale disruptions.

Come and network with DRI International and BCM professionals from around the world as we try to answer the question, “How can national strategies ensure that local actions integrate all contextual factors in order to enhance the resiliency of a nation?”

For more information on GRF Davos and the conference, visit http://www.grforum.org/.

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