DRI is going to Costa Rica!

DRI will be traveling to Costa Rica this September in order to attend PwC’s International Conference on Business Continuity.  The conference will be hosted at the Radisson Hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica September 30- October 1. Participants will discuss and explore global trends and case studies in business continuity.  The themes of the conference include: Communications during crisis, the transition from the BS25999 to the ISO 22301, Cloud Computing and its relationship to business continuity, and more.

If you plan on attending the event, be sure to sit in on President Al Berman’s speech on trends in supply chain risk mitigation. Al is a former Global Practice Leader with PwC and will be using this opportunity to speak and reconnect with former colleagues. Director of International Operations, Chloe Demrovsky, will be applying the principles from Al’s speech to the case study of the Rama Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh and how it is changing the way companies manage third party risks.

For more information on the conference, please visithttp://www.bcmdoc.com/eventos/.

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