DRI in Dallas: Get Certified in the Lone Star State!

Join DRI International at CPM West November 17-18, 2013, in Dallas, TX, for the GCP 501 Course. This 2-day workshop includes the training, course material, online exam, lunch and refreshments all for $1,495! Don’t forget you also receive 16 Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) for attending the course. Register today and be sure to use promo code: DRII!

Course Description

This course will prepare professionals to lead a continuity planning effort within the public sector. The course is followed by the Qualifying Exam. Instructors will offer a fast-paced overview of the requirements for continuity of operations planning specific to the public sector.

The course utilizes language and terminology that are familiar to the public sector professionals and covers common issues which are specific to this audience, such as HSPD5, HSPD8, HSPD20, Federal Continuity Directive 1 (FCD1), and HSPD51. The course culminates with DRI International Public Sector Examination for the Certified Public Sector Continuity Professional (CPSCP) and Associate Public Sector Continuity Professional (APSCP).  For more information on the GCP 501 course, click here.

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